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 The Essence of Teaching

Good teaching is far from being just information sharing, as many people think, but an art that exceeds in its complexity many sciences. Every learner is striving for knowledge and perfection in application of this knowledge. But what is knowledge and how to build it? Read More >>>


Style and Genres of the Bible

The Bible is unique literary phenomenon in the English language and culture. The Book presents the study of the genre structure of the Scriptures, the history of the English translations, and also considerations of how the book should be read aloud in keeping with the latest discoveries in the area of philological reading. More >>>

Style Imitation and Translation

A book may be written in perfect English or Russian. But how do the authors manage to make it sound Oriental, or French or old Russian. What are the linguistic and extralinguistic means of achieving this effect. A case study of Khalil Jibran’s “The Prophet” translation into Russian.

More >>>

Folia Anglistica & Master Class

At the English Department of Moscow State University we teach the students to master the English Language Practically. Peep into the latest issues to see how we do it. More >>>

Practical Lexicography

For many years I have been translating in various areas of business – mostly Finance, Information Technologies and Banking Technologies. Test the WIP Online Dictionary that I am currently compiling in cooperation with my students and the company Digital Machines to see the basic terms in the industry. The site shall be completely ready and the dictionary published in a couple of months from now. More >>>


Russia, 119899 Moscow, Vorobyovy Gory, The Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1st Humanities,  Faculty of Philology,

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