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Site Map


*Folia Anglistica
philological journal published by the English Department

*Post-doctoral studies

         English functional styles in phonetic terms (Rus)

*Biblical studies

         Language and Style of the King James Bible (Ph.D.) in Russian

         Biblical Anthropology (Eng)

         Semantics and the Rhythm of Prayer (Rus)

*Functional Stylistics

         Genres of journalism (Rus)

         Connotation and the Emphatic stress (Rus)

*Intonation and style

         Linguopoetics and Timbre

         Functional Phonetics

         Speech Timbres and Theory of Genres (Eng)

         Logical Stress and the Speech Timbre (Rus)

         Function of Impact in Fiction and Journalism (Rus)

         Reading a text aloud: philologically vs histrionically (Rus)

         On the Relationship between the Inner and the Outer Speech (Eng)

         Intonation and Timbre of English Humour (Eng)

         Translating a Connotation into another Language

*Methods of Language Teaching

         How we teach English to non-specialists at the Moscow State University (Rus) (English summary)

         The essence of teaching, the essence of learning

*Research projects of my students

          Metaphor and Symbol in the Bible

         Style imitation and the Art of Translation
Russian translation of Khalil Jibrans The Prophet

*Religion and theology

        Blessed are the poor in spirit (considerations of the prophetic missions of Jesus). The Muslim vision.

        The basics of Islam origin, festivals traditions


*A Piece of Poetry


        Dedication to the Teacher

        Oriental motives Houri



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